Industrial Ovens and Smokehouses

Viers industrial food processing Ovens and Smokehouses utilize our Enhanced Air Technology to give you the ultimate control over your airflow. Now you can eliminate cold spots without burning your budget.


Intense Blast Chillers

Leave your competition out cold with Viers Intense Blast Chillers. With the fastest chilling equipment on the market, we guarantee your customers will taste the difference.


Meet Viers Industries

Viers industries was founded in 1993 on the principles of hard work, doing good, and producing exceptional machines. Our industrial Ovens and intensive Chillers are accustomed to going the extra mile, just like every member of our team.

Years in Business

Completed Installs

Dedicated Shops

Legendary Brand

What We Do

Build It Better.

Viers industrial Ovens and intensive Chillers are built to a higher standard, and always 100% made in the USA. Your new equipment ships straight from our facility in Lincoln, NE, to your plant.

Build It Smarter.

With unmatched industry expertise, we design Viers equipment smarter than the competition. We include the latest technology, a cohesive airflow system, and standardized parts. This means faster cooking/chilling, cheaper maintenance costs, and less down time for your operation.

Build It To Last.

Because we utilize heavy duty construction in all our equipment, including reinforced stainless steel walls and roof structure, we know your equipment will stand the test of time.

What started in a garage in rural Colorado has become an industry game changer. For more than 25 years, Viers industrial food processing Ovens and intense blast Chillers have pushed boundaries to expand what’s possible in processing equipment. Our mission is simple: build it better, build it smarter, build it to last.

Industrial Ovens

Custom designed around your unique production requirements, our batch Ovens and industrial Smokehouses feature unmatched breakpoint control, a high velocity fan system,  and a sturdier construction to stand the test of time. Are you ready to ditch your old ovens for something fresh?

Intensive Chillers

Once your product has been cooked to perfection, you need the ultimate chill to maintain product integrity. Insert Viers intense blast Chillers. Reduce chill time, customize your chill settings and achieve complete consistency with our direct contact airflow system.

Equipment Features

Enhanced Air Technology

Our exclusive high velocity fan system allows for more air changes per minute over conventional ovens and chillers, improving performance and maximizing capacity.

Increase Productivity

With every aspect of Viers equipment working together to optimize your airflow, you’ll see significant cuts in your cooking/chilling time. And more product equals more profits.

Eliminate Inconsistencies

An even cook begins with balanced air currents. Achieve noticeable improvements in product consistency and say goodbye to hot and cold spots with our fully adjustable breakpoint control system.

Easy Maintenance

Your maintenance team will love our processing equipment. Standardized, off-the-shelf parts means shorter downtimes so you can get on with making your best possible product.

Built to Last

Our equipment is constructed with the highest quality materials, including non-harboring square tubing framework and heavy duty insulation. Always built with food safety in mind, you can rest easy knowing Viers equipment will outlast any job you throw at it.

Service you Trust

Viers partnership with Kohler Industries allows us provide top notch installation and training for your team. In addition, we keep Viers parts in stock, on our shelves, for a quick turn around on all orders. Our staff is always available to answer any questions; you’ll always talk to a live person.

Made in USA

Born with Midwestern values, we’re firm believers that when you take pride in your work, you do the job right the first time. All our equipment is manufactured at our facility in Lincoln, NE, by our highly skilled team. From our 16 Truck Ovens to the continuous welding that holds them together, we oversee every aspect of production to ensure you get the best.

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